We specialize in Cover-Ups.  Not many tattoo shops want to take on the challenge of a cover-up, but we want to help people love their tattoos again.  There are times when we all have made bad decisions or gotten tattoos that we were not proud to have.  Electrik Needle artists want to help you feel good about your bad decisions and cover them up.

Quality Tattoos

Here at Electrik Needle, we pride ourselves in quality tattoos.  All of our artists use state of the art equipment.  We hold ourselves to the highest standard of safety, with all artists being trained in cross-contamination, blood borne pathogens and sanitization.  We provide a atmosphere that is client friendly which allows us to create the ultimate tattoo experience. We have a diverse set of artists who can tattoo in all different styles including color, realism, watercolor, black and grey, Japanese, Neo-Traditional, Traditional, and we are even willing to create all of your favorite Pinterest Tattoos.

Professional Body Piercing

At our Prescott Valley location, we offer professional body piercing.  Our body piercer, truly enjoys poking you.  He has been trained in safety, sanitation, and quality. He will discuss with you all types of piercing options from traditional piercings, ear, nose, navel, to dermal, and surface piercings.  Please don't hesitate to contact the Prescott Valley location for all your piercing needs.