There is always someone watching!

Tattooing and Education are both always in the public eye! Being from a small town where everyone knows everyone it is hard to go out to dinner without students, parents of students, or even my boss being at the same restaurant. When this happens you start to second guess what you are eating and drinking and what perception these people have of you. When it comes to my husband , the shop has been open for 20+ years and well he has tattooed generations of people! Now don’t get me wrong we love all of our clients, but there are days when I don’t want people sitting down at my dinner table at a restaurant to discuss there next tattoo idea or school. It happens more time than not and we just laugh about it and discuss their ideas.

Rudy and I had this brilliant idea that we would spend 1 weekend a month in Phoenix so that we could be invisible and have some time away from school and the tattoo shop! This worked great for three years until he came home one night after his best friends birthday party in Phoenix and said babe, “We are going to open a studio in Phoenix! I think it is time to bring the Electrik Needle back to it’s roots in Phoenix.” I was shocked. We are going to do what? Oh hell no! Well almost four years ago today we have a shop in Phoenix!  

I recently took a job in Phoenix as well, so my youngest could get an education in Phoenix, so we spend more time in Phoenix now and we are more in the public eye! We walk downtown Phoenix and run into clients and friends as it may seem like a big city it is really just a small world! No matter where we go or what we do, we know someone! We have to be careful on what we buy, how we act, or even where we go! It’s almost like being little kids and your parents tell you that Santa is always watching so you need to be good or he will see you!  

This past weekend we went away for Rudy‘s Birthday! He wanted to unplug and relax, so we went to Bisbee, AZ! What an amazing little town! We went to a local show and guess what we sat next to a couple from Scottsdale who were looking for a new tattoo shop! Really you have got to be kidding me, we are three hours away from Phoenix! Oh but it gets better! We did a haunted pub crawl for Rudy’s Birthday were we heard ghost stories and visited five of the oldest bars in Bisbee! We ran into a fellow tattooer and his girlfriend on this event! So needless to say, even though he unplugged all weekend we talked shop most of the time!

We just can’t get away without being in the lime light! Now we love our so called celebrity status! We are just always on guard when it comes to going out because as big as this world seems there is always someone watching! 


Until next time.... 

XOXO Dr. Laura   



It’s not about us!

In owning the tattoo shop and working in education I have learned that it is all about the people we serve.  There are times where we have long nights and go above and beyond the call of duty!

In education we wear several hats Including: chaperone, fill in parent, teacher, colleague, counselor, disciplinarian, fundraiser, and many more. The same is true at the tattoo shop from: fundraiser, counselor, artist, friend, supporter, and many more.  

We work hard in both professions to what is best for our students and clients alike. It truly is all about them!  

We host events each year to support our Tattoo famile as well as our community. We always want to given back. Recently, we hosted a Friday the 13th event. We do not host these events for us. We host them for our clients and their friends. This is our way of giving back for all the amazing members of the Electrik Needle family. During these events we don’t make any money and we even stay up until the wee hours of the morning to make sure we get to all the customers who signed up. We also host events to collect canned food and school supplies to meet the needs of our community! As much as we love making amazing art it is more important to love and support the community we love. 

The same is true for our educational community! We work long hours and even on the weekends because it is all about the students and their pursuits of their dreams.  We constantly work more than 40 hrs a week we chaperone dances, attend graduations, work fundraisers, attend competitions and watch our student compete to win awards! It’s all about those light bulb moments and the students having a smile on their face. 

In both worlds, we always give back and strive to be the best version of ourselves! It’s all about their success not our! We get to accomplish our dreams all while making others dreams come true in return! 


XOXO Dr. Laura

Jealousy, Not Allowed!

Jealousy, is something that most tattooer wives can struggle with.  Jealousy is a complex emotion that strikes both men and women and occurs when a person feels that they are not valued in a relationship. As a tattooer’s wife, my husband interacts and flirts with other women all the time.   

I have seen it all being in the shop.  Some people have no couth when it comes to respect.  I understand that there are parts of the body that have to be exposed, but there are ways to tastefully cover up when exposed.  Usually, most clients will come in and wear swimsuit bottoms or tops and cover up with blankets. On the other hand, some people just strip and don’t care how they are exposed. Being in a professional setting it is important to make sure that are clients are comfortable.

One day, I even had one client come it and jump into my husband’s arms to give him a huge bear hug and pretty much lay him out on the ground in front of me.  That is an excessive case, but was I jealous?  No, I wasn’t jealous as I respect my husband’s career and understand the personal nature of his profession.

Do tattooer’s flirt? Well I think that all service industry professional flirt.  Is flirting disrespectful if your married? Absolutely not, tattooers work off of tips.  How do you get tips? You have to flirt. Being goofy, flirting, and making people laugh is important to the tattooing experience.  People are in pain while they are getting tattooed and humor can help with lowering a person stress.

So, how do I do it?  Everything is based on trust!  I trust him to always respect me, our relationship, marriage, and of course he is coming home wiyh me tonight.


XOXO Dr. Laura

Educational Professional By Day Tattooers Wife By Night

So many people wonder how on earth these two professions can merge into one happy life.  During the day I am an educational professional who strives to promote and create career and technical education programs for high school students.  At night, I am a wife to a tattooer and manage two tattoo studios.  

As tattooed individuals, we live with the stigma that something is wrong with us if we are tattooed.  Now the educational world is no different in that tattoos are not as accepted as other professions.  Even through the educational world is getting better it is important to respect the workplace environment. My employer doesn't say I can't show them, but not every person wants to see them.  I am pretty heavily tattooed, but I cover them while I am at work.  Why, you might ask?  Well, I have worked very hard to work my way up in the educational world and I don't want to give anyone a reason to judge my performance or credibility based on my tattoos.  

When I am at the shop or after work, I am more than willing to show off my tattoos.  It does catch me off guard at times when people comment on my tattoos.  I am so use to having them covered that I forget when they are showing.  

On the other hand, my educational background has helped me tremendously in the tattoo world.  Working with students and other education colleagues I have learned how to communicate, business regulations, networking, marketing and promotional strategies, and leadership qualities that I would not have learned just being in the tattoo world. On the other hand, the tattoo world has taught me how to have confidence when I enter a room,  be comfortable in my own skin, and money management.  Both worlds have made me the confident tattooers wife I am and educational professional I have become.

It is important to fight for what we want, but also have the courage to cover up when we need to. In my next blog, I will start telling the story on how I got into the tattoo world 8 years ago.


XOXO Dr. Laura