Beat the Heat

Jump In Head First

I love my husband very much, but over the years I have had to learn how to jump in head first! So let me tell you some of the crazy adventures that I have been on. First, you have to understand Rudy, when he says he will do something he will and it will happen right away! So in my world it is checking things off the list and moving on to the next adventure!

So ladies, I hope this can relate to you a little bit! Over the past 10 years here are the big moves!  

1. Move PV shop to frontage road all while planning our wedding.

2. Open a shop in Phoenix at Thirdspace in a little cottage.

3. Open another cottage in Thirdspace, so now we have two!

4. Open Spay Painting Mural Bussiness- AZ Spay Art Evolution !

5. Open a retail smoke shop in the second cottage Hi-Me Smoke Shack!  

Holy Crap, I would have to say that is the top 5! 

So let’s just say we are now the proud owners of three business! So how do I do it, work full time and stay sane!  

First and foremost, I jump head first in each new adventure! I am so glad I learned how to swim when I was little! Second, lead by faith, whatever that faith may be! It works with faith and dedication! Third, take time for your self and your family! Sunday’s are our days and we also try to make time to go on dates! Trust me there is always work to do in owning your own business and trust me it will still be there tomorrow if you leave it for a night! Finally, there are times when I have to reign Rudy in and tell him no! With managing the businesses, there are times that I have to tell him that it is a bad idea! 

I hope that this gives you all some insight! Yes, we are a little crazy to take this on but it is an amazing adventure!  


Till Next Time.... 

XOXO Dr. Laura