Show Your Appreciation

Tattooers and educators have so much in common.  As educators, we give our love to our students and raise them as our own.  Once they leave us we never know the impact that we had on their lives.  

Tattooers give their love to their art and provide their clients with beautiful pieces.  This is one of the only professions where they never know where their art goes or how people take care of their art.  They put their trust in their client to take care of their tattoo as well as share with their friends their amazing experience.  Referrals are everything for tattooers.  It is the amazing when clients send other clients in to get art work done.

Both tattooers and educators love to know when they have impacted a person life.  It is always great to show your love by telling the instructor the impact they have had.  For tattooers, referrals are great, reviews on our social media, and lets them know how much you love your tattoo.  

We love hearing from out clients and our students. It is what keeps us going in our field of educating the next generation and giving people amazing art that they can cherish forever.

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XOXO, Dr. Laura