No Show and No Call

In working in the professional world for 15 years now, there are a few things that we hold ourselves to as professional courtesy.  When I have a meeting that I am suppose to be at I will show up around 10 minutes early.  Why would I get their earlier, as we are all busy and try to stay on schedule unless I was called to come in early.  Tattooers are the same way in that they are setting up and getting ready for their day prior to your appointment.  They don't want to have unnecessary anxiety with you waiting an hour or 30 minutes for them.  Yes, we want you to be on time, but their is a thing of being too early. Also, if I am running behind, I will call and let you know. The artist will call or text you as well if they are running behind.

If you can make an appointment let them know. Please do not stand up your artist.  No Show and No Call is detrimental to their day.  They are in the service business and when you make an appointment for half of their day and don't show up you are taking money away from them.  This is how they put food on the table for their families and pay the bills just like all of us.  The difference is in my professional world I still get paid if someone misses a meeting, but tattooers do not.  Give them the decency of 48 hrs notice or 24 hrs in an emergency.  If you don't like the price or the design let them know and they just might not be the tattooer for you.  They won't be offended, they will then in turn be able to schedule someone else in your spot so that they are not out the time and money.

No one likes to be stood up in any situation, but in the tattoo world it is even worse.  Remember that this is their living and the way they take care of their family.  It is their profession.  We know that when you get a tattoo it is something that you do in your free time, but remember the professional courtesy that you use in your daily profession and do the same for your artist.

Until next time......


XOXO, Dr. Laura