Turn off, Please!

Ok, I know I did vanish over the past week, but Rudy had a mural project for AZ Spray Art Evolution and a tattoo convention all in one weekend.  Let's just say it is a great lead in to this week, My Brain Never Turns Off!

Not matter the time of day, we are constantly thinking about "What Next".  This occurs between both education and the tattoo world.  Over the past few weeks, I have had two big events.  First, I had to run a sub-committee meeting.  This committee is a group of amazing educational professionals that can influence the instrument that I use to conduct my reviews which is the foundation of my job.  So needless to say, I wanted the meeting to be meaningful to all parties involved and productive.  I did a lot of research and planning into making this group meeting successful.  I would have to say I lost a little sleep in the days prior to this meeting or I would wake up in the middle of the night with another idea for the meeting.  Overall, the meeting went very well.  We didn't get all accomplished that we wanted, but we were able to plan our next meeting that will be just as productive as this one.  

Next, I had a board presentation about my year in review.  Now I have given several board presentations in the past, but this was the first one to our current board.  The presentation went great and the board asked great questions.  I look forward to presenting to them in the future.  I wasn't nervous until a colleague asked me if I was nervous.  He saw me going over my presentation in my office prior to the board meeting.  Once he asked me, I was a little nervous, but a few nerves is good for everyone!

When if comes to my husband, he has a one tracked mind that never turns off.  It is amazing how we will be having a conversation about a completely different topic and he will chime in about an up coming tattoo or painting project.  It catches me completely off guard and I give him that deer in headlights look of "What are you talking about?" Then he gets mad like I am not listening to him.  Really, you come out of left field and expect me to read your mind 24/7.  I guess with being together for several years I should be able to do that, but sometimes I am completely lost until he tell me what on earth he is talking about.  Ladies, how many of you have husbands that do this to you?  

He will even wake up in the middle of the night or not sleep well when he has appointment ideas on the brain.  There are times in both world that I wish we could just say "Turn off, Please and let me sleep."  Is this too much to ask our brains to do?

Let me know how your brains keep you all up at night.  Can't wait to see your stories!

Till next time......


XOXO Dr. Laura