Jealousy, Not Allowed!

Jealousy, is something that most tattooer wives can struggle with.  Jealousy is a complex emotion that strikes both men and women and occurs when a person feels that they are not valued in a relationship. As a tattooer’s wife, my husband interacts and flirts with other women all the time.   

I have seen it all being in the shop.  Some people have no couth when it comes to respect.  I understand that there are parts of the body that have to be exposed, but there are ways to tastefully cover up when exposed.  Usually, most clients will come in and wear swimsuit bottoms or tops and cover up with blankets. On the other hand, some people just strip and don’t care how they are exposed. Being in a professional setting it is important to make sure that are clients are comfortable.

One day, I even had one client come it and jump into my husband’s arms to give him a huge bear hug and pretty much lay him out on the ground in front of me.  That is an excessive case, but was I jealous?  No, I wasn’t jealous as I respect my husband’s career and understand the personal nature of his profession.

Do tattooer’s flirt? Well I think that all service industry professional flirt.  Is flirting disrespectful if your married? Absolutely not, tattooers work off of tips.  How do you get tips? You have to flirt. Being goofy, flirting, and making people laugh is important to the tattooing experience.  People are in pain while they are getting tattooed and humor can help with lowering a person stress.

So, how do I do it?  Everything is based on trust!  I trust him to always respect me, our relationship, marriage, and of course he is coming home wiyh me tonight.


XOXO Dr. Laura