There are never enough hours in the day!

There is never enough hours in the day. When it comes to education, I will think back to my teaching days and try and describe the world of a teacher, especially a new teacher, as well as the day in the life of my husband in preparing a tattoo to be completed on a client.  

In this post, I am going to discuss Time when it comes to tattooing and education. I will follow up next week with Public Image and the week after with I wish my brain would turn off. 

When it comes to time, I think about what it looks like on the outside.  During my first years of teaching I would teacher from 8 am to 3:45 pm. My contracted hours were from 7:30 to 4:30 M-Th.  In the eyes of the public, I seemed to have that 9 to 5 job per say, but what really did my day look like.  I would arrive at school at 7:30 am and if I was lucky and did have a students waiting for me at the door I would prep my room for the arrival of my students.  I would then teach my four 85 minutes classes and have 1 prep hour.  

Now prep my hour, since I was in a small school, usually consisted of subbing for a teacher who was out, working on fundraisers for upcoming school sponsored events, lunch duty, parent or special education meetings, covering the front office, or anything else that needed to be done.  If I was lucky enough to have time to plan I would.

After school, I would host after school activities for students, especially a class on school bullying with teenage girls or working on the school yearbook.  Once after school activities were over I would stay with the students who were in my after school class and wait for their parents.  If only parents would come on time.  I usually left school around 5 or 5:30 with a bag full of science lab notebooks.

All my students would turn in a school lab notebook each week.  These notebooks would take several hours a night to grade along with making sure that my labs and lesson were set-up and ready for the next day.  Most nights I would work on school work until 11 pm at night if not into the early morning.  This includes grading, planning, and fundraising on my weekend as well.

Even though I might have been contracted to work 10 hours a day 4 days a week. I would usually work at least 15-16 hours a day.  You might be saying well you have Fridays and the weekends off, yes, but I also worked 20 hrs a week at a second job to make ends meet.  Remember that how I got into the tattoo world.

 On the other hand, when it comes to tattooing, everyone gets to come into the shop where their design is usually ready for them when they arrive.  It's like magic. I walk in I get the tattoo that I want in a few hours and I walk out with an amazing piece of art.

Some days, people can walk into the shop with their design in hand.  These designs can be drawn up in a few minutes and a person can be out of their in an hour.  Some of these amazing designs that I am sure we all have include infinity symbols, best friend tattoos, mother-daughter pieces, family symbols, cancer ribbons, or even names.

Now, there are some days were people come in and have a consultation for larger pieces.  Most people want to have a connection to their tattoos as they have a personal meaning that they want conveyed in their tattoo.

So, how does that amazing piece of art come to fruition? The artist has to get inside the client head.  This is usually done by the client providing the artist with pictures of what they want and providing the artist with their ideas.  Then the magic happens.

My husband then spends hours researching the design.  For example, a recent client wanted a quail, roadrunner, cactus, and a sunset to show the amazing things that AZ has to offer.  I am telling you, that this researcher happens everywhere from taking real life photos and to looking up images on the internet. I have never seen someone do so much research from the time he gets done tattooing, to when we are eating dinner, watching TV, have important conversations, or anytime he has a minute.  The phone is in is hand and we have discussions about the up coming tattoo pieces.

Once the tattoo concept is researched, it is about design and placement of the tattoo.  Remember that tattoos have to look pleasing as well as be correct.  In the piece above, the birds have to been in relation to the cactus it would look funny if the birds were huge and the cactus was small.  Drawing of the pieces happen daily, so each day the hours of research and design concepts take up most of his mornings and evenings when he is not tattoo from 12:30 pm - 8:00 pm.  

Not only do design concepts, research and drawings occur there is also the customer aspect.  We love all of our customers and want to give each one of them the attention that they deserve.  If you call, email, text, or message on social media we try and answer you right away.  We both work together to meet the needs of the customers no matter the time of day we receive them.  

Teachers and tattooers do not stop when the contracted time is up.  They work morning, noon, and night to meet the needs of others both professions become a lifestyle not a job.  In both cases, we love what we do in the world of education and tattooing even though it takes us away from our families to meet the needs of others.  We are here to serve all others before we serve ourselves.

Till next time we discuss: In the Public Eye!


XOXO Dr. Laura