How to own a room!

Many of you might be thinking that skills that are found in a tattoo studio could not fit into the educational world.  At first glance, this might seem true in that tattooers love to design art and they don't want anything to get in the way of that.  On the other hand, behind every great man is an amazing woman who keeps the business up and running.

In working in the tattoo industry, I have learned professional skills that can transfer into the educational world.  First, professionalism is key to the success in the educational world.  Educational administration pushed from professionalism in all communication, presentations, and presence in the community.  Now you might be thinking how could a tattoo shop be considered a professional place of business, but they definitely are in that the facilities have to meet cleanliness standards set forth by a girl who has a biology degree. 

Second, customer service is key in the tattoo industry, but it also is key in serving students and families in the educational world.  The tattoo shop taught me how to network, communicate with potential customers, and respond to customer questions on email or social media.  I use these skills daily in education.

Finally, how to own a room. Coming into an industry that was foreign to me I had to make sure people would take me seriously and that I am credible to advise customers.  This has transferred into my career, in that I try to own a room when I walk into it.  I know the educational world, but the tattoo world has given to the confidence to make a professional presence when attending meetings, conferences, and working with my peer.

The tattoo world blends professionalism and skills into the educational world.  Now that you know how both worlds mix, next time I have a great story for you.

Until then....


XOXO Dr. Laura