Educational Professional By Day Tattooers Wife By Night

So many people wonder how on earth these two professions can merge into one happy life.  During the day I am an educational professional who strives to promote and create career and technical education programs for high school students.  At night, I am a wife to a tattooer and manage two tattoo studios.  

As tattooed individuals, we live with the stigma that something is wrong with us if we are tattooed.  Now the educational world is no different in that tattoos are not as accepted as other professions.  Even through the educational world is getting better it is important to respect the workplace environment. My employer doesn't say I can't show them, but not every person wants to see them.  I am pretty heavily tattooed, but I cover them while I am at work.  Why, you might ask?  Well, I have worked very hard to work my way up in the educational world and I don't want to give anyone a reason to judge my performance or credibility based on my tattoos.  

When I am at the shop or after work, I am more than willing to show off my tattoos.  It does catch me off guard at times when people comment on my tattoos.  I am so use to having them covered that I forget when they are showing.  

On the other hand, my educational background has helped me tremendously in the tattoo world.  Working with students and other education colleagues I have learned how to communicate, business regulations, networking, marketing and promotional strategies, and leadership qualities that I would not have learned just being in the tattoo world. On the other hand, the tattoo world has taught me how to have confidence when I enter a room,  be comfortable in my own skin, and money management.  Both worlds have made me the confident tattooers wife I am and educational professional I have become.

It is important to fight for what we want, but also have the courage to cover up when we need to. In my next blog, I will start telling the story on how I got into the tattoo world 8 years ago.


XOXO Dr. Laura